About Hanna

Vibrant yet soulful, her layered paintings are full of life and depth and have the power to move you.

Hanna's expressive art and paintings are created freely and intuitively.

There are no preliminary sketches or plans.

She starts on a blank surface with a lot of materials and abstract ideas.

With colour, light, and nature to inspire, she paints, drops, sketches, dribbles, and sprays freely with an impressionistic expression. Her work develops naturally and intuitively.

The final product is a unique masterpiece of many layers of details and textures. 

Hanna was born and grew up in Israel. She was raised in the contrast of urban and country life; on a rural farm as well in the bustling city of Tel Aviv 

She worked for over 30 years in marketing and sales all over Israel and in Gibraltar she owned her own patisserie. 

Inspired by her surroundings, Hanna began to recreate the vast desert spaces, prairies, fields, vibrant beaches, as well as the busy urban spaces that she observed. Hanna’s paintings are a visual interpretation of natural emotions felt when seeing the unending beauty of nature.
They are also fused with a ethereal power of traditional elements, as well as diverse cultural influences of the Oriental Naive.

In the last decade, she has begun painting professionally in her studio in Gibraltar and London. 

Her works are collected all over the country and abroad. She exhibits specific collections at various events throughout the year and has regular exhibitions in the park in Gibraltar, in her studio and galleries in England and around the world.


Hanna was featured in the media multiple times. You can learn more about her and her projects here and here.