Israel and Jerusalem Paintings

Hanna was born and raised in Israel, so these paintings have special meaning for her. For thousands of years the Jewish people prayed for a return to Israel and many other religions also have special connections to Jerusalem and other cities.

Hanna attempts to capture and convey the special emotions you may feel walking through the Holy Land.

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Jewish Festival Artwork

Here you'll find gorgeous artwork by Hanna Dahan themed around the Jewish Festivals (Chagim). Starting with Rosh Hashana, stay tuned for more Yom Tov themed artwork. This Jewish artwork makes a fantastic gift for Jewish family, friends and colleagues around the time of the New Year.

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Artwork to Decorate your Sukkah

Looking to add some Jewish artwork to your succah? Guests will be astounded to see bespoke hand paintings. Just make sure to bring them indoors if it rains – you don’t want them to be ruined!

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Jewish Prayer Artwork

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it takes a thousand words to express our deepest emotions and thoughts to God in prayer. These paintings are perfect for a synagogue or Jewish home to inspire prayer and connection to Hashem.

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Hand Painted Mezuzot

A wonderful, affordable gift for Jewish weddings or for your Jewish friends moving into a new home.

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